UPWC organizes a dialogue seminar on elections

Union of Palestinian women’s committees organized a dialogue seminar on the local council elections for 2022  “local council elections between the past and the future”, as part of the “Your Voice makes the difference” campaign launched in conjunction with the local council elections

The seminar hosted speakers Mr. Farid Ta’m-allah of the Central Election Commission, Mrs. Janet Mikhail, former mayor of Ramallah, and Mrs. Jenin Habash, a candidate running for local council elections in Ramallah.

Ms. Janet spoke about her experience as mayor, and the challenges she faced as a woman in this position. Jenin, a candidate running for elections within a list which of half of its candidates are women, she spoke about the creation of the list, their agenda and plans, and the future that the list aspires to if elected. Mr. Farid spoke about the guarantees by the Palestinian law for women’s right to run for election and women’s effective participation in local council elections at its first session

The seminar concluded with a message for Palestinian women: “the participation of all of us in these elections has a great impact on building a new future as we wanted it to be, let us be active participants in this democratic process.”

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