UPWC concluded First Aid Course

January 23, 2022, Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees concluded a series of first aid workshops in an average of 6 meetings, with the participation of 30 students from Kufor Ni`meh High School for Girls. The workshop included an introduction to first aid,  how to behave in emergencies and principles of First aid,  duties and responsibilities of the paramedics on scene, the subject of measuring vital signs and first aid in cases of suffocation, sunstrikes and nosebleeds, the introduction of the body’s structural system and its sections and all types of fractures and simple methods and techniques in dealing with fractures, on the other hand, Complications of wrong first aid in the case of accidents and fractures that may affect the spine were discussed, the major and minor blood  circulation, blood components, types of wounds and how to help them,  an explanation of the bites (Snake bite and scorpion) and all kinds of poisoning, explanation about burns and their grades and how to deal with them and treat them, In conclusion, certificates of participation were distributed to the students participating in the course.

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