Press Release

Issued by The Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees (UPWC)

The Union of Palestinian Women Committees (UPWC) refuses and denounces the speech of the minister of interior of the Zionist government that accuses six Palestinian human right-based, feminist and civil organizations to be “terrorist”. We refuse to accept this accusation, and we consider it to be misleading in a context of colonial oppressing occupation working against Palestinian women legitimate rights and preventing them from demanding their national, social, cultural and legal rights.

UPWC affirms its right to continue defending its national, feminist and historical gains and achievements, and calls upon the Palestinian society to stand firmly against the recurring assaults against UPWC, such as the arrests of women rights’ defenders, especially our colleague Khitam Saafin.

We also call upon the feminist Arab organizations and other international organizations, progressive movements, friends and allies for immediate action in the face of this illegitimate attack against Palestinian women and those who represent them and their rights.

UPWC Ramallah/Gaza

October 22nd , 2021

United Nations High Commissioner
for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet
E-campaign #StandWithThe6
The Palestinian Information Center
Union of Palestinian Communities and Institutions – Europe
Wafa: Palestinian News & Info Agency
Independent Commission for Human Rights


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