Press release

Issued by the Union of Palestinian Women Committees

The Union of Palestinian Women Committees rejects what was stated by the Zionist Minister of War, Benny Gantz, and the judge, considering six Palestinian human rights, civil and feminist institutions to be “terrorist organizations.” Including the Union of Palestinian Women Committees.

This announcement is void and totally rejected; We consider the breaking into our offices and looting their contents -in the cover of darkness -as a heinous and condemned crime that expresses the extent of the Zionist hatred towards Palestinian people, including Palestinian women. This barbaric behavior comes in an oppressive colonial context against the legitimate rights of Palestinian women and  their natural right to defend their national, social, cultural, legal and political rights.

UPWC affirms its legitimate right to defend its historical national and feminist struggles, and calls on the Palestinian society with all its components to stand up firmly to these repeated attacks. We also call on friends and allies of progressive Arab and international feminist organizations to act immediately against the illegal attack against our Palestinian women and for those who represent them and their rights.

We the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees appreciates the patriots’  support from the national movements and Palestinian, Arab and international civil institutions, whether by exporting statements of rejection or attribution in the reopening of headquarters this morning.

Issued by the leadership of the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees


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