International Women’s Day

Statement issued by UPWC on the occasion of March 8th, International Women’s Day

We continue our struggle and steadfastness on the path of liberation, freedom and equality.

Palestinian women celebrate International Women’s Day, promoting their national and social struggle alongside all freedom fighters and activists in the world, and we consider this day a day of struggle to enshrine equal rights for women and a day to promote the common struggle in the face of all forms of persecution, discrimination, impoverishment, backwardness and savage militarization, in a world where women, children and peoples are increasingly suffering as a result of the rising brutality of colonial forces, which spare no effort in controlling universal capacities, depriving peoples of their sovereignty over resources and the right to  self-determination.

We salute this day as our Palestinian female militants continue to face Zionist repression in all fields, and this machine continues to suppress humanitarian, feminist and national action in all ways, and has continued to classify feminist action as terrorism and to arrest and intimidate female activists, students and human rights defenders.

We salute this day while there still are 32 Palestinians female prisoners in occupation prisons. This year’s arrests have affected Palestinian mothers, students and feminist activists; first and foremost, Khitam Sa’afin. In addition, Palestinians have faced displacement of families and the demolition of houses, and the arrest and targeting of children by field execution, the latest of which is the child Yamen Jafal, who was murdered and abducted in his home town of Abu Dis. On this day, we miss our colleague and dear Khitam, who in March of each year was addressing marginalized and poor women, where the issue of women and their full and real rights was a constant and uncompromising issue. Khitam gave a lifetime to the cause of Palestinian women, not defending women and the poor a normal defense, but while having complete conviction exercised in their simple daily behaviors, which the occupation deprived us, as well as her family, of.

We at the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees today affirm the continuation of our struggle for the legitimate national rights of our people, as part of the Palestinian national movement, and the need to lift all forms of injustice and discrimination against women in Palestinian society, and to strengthen partnership along the path of unity of the Palestinian women’s movement.

On this occasion, we pay tribute and solidarity to all women fighting around the world and in the Arab world, especially those who are steadfast in the face of the war machine and destruction, and join their voices in all fields.

Peace to all those who raised the banner of freedom and equality, and to all women defenders of human rights and the rights of peoples.

Glory and immortality to martyrs, freedom for prisoners, speedy recovery of the wounded

Victory for our people

March 2022, 8

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