UPWC Networking

The Union and its Relation with the Women Representative Bodies

The Relation with the General Union of Palestinian Women

Since the Union of Palestinian Women Committees is one of the basic women frameworks working inside Palestine, it gained since the year 2000 an automatic membership in the administrative committee of the General Union of Palestinian Women. It has gained through interal agreement, the position of the secretary of the General Union.

The Relation with the Women's Affairs Technical Committees

The Union of the Palestinian Women Committees is considered one of the 4 main frameworks of which the Women's Affairs Technical Committees, especially the team of directing WATC; this has been since 1997. IT also participates in implementing many projects that are implemented through WATC.

Friendships Relations & Local and Non-local Partnerships

The Union has friendship and partnership relations with a number of Palestinian and non-Palestinian non-governmental organizations. In addition to that the Union is a member of other coalition groups.

Local Partnerships

Some of the local organizations, especially those that have activities related to women and children, are the following:

Also, the Union, appart from its direct participation in the General Union of Palestinian Women (GUPW) and in the Women Technical Affairs Committees, is a member of the following coalitions at the local level:

Non-Local Organizations

The non-local organizations include:

The UPWC, as well, has established a network of Arabic and International Relations based on the concept of women solidarity and exchange of experiences. The Union, has participated, and still does, in most of the international forums and conferences about women issues.

As part of its external relations activities, the UPWC regularly participates in and works with:






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