A Training Center With Complete Services

Located in the beautiful village of Jifna, Maha Nassar Community Center, which was opened in 2013 by the UPWC, provides many services concerning advanced training conditions. The idea for the center came from the UPWC’s long-term strategy which involves building a progressive feminist cadre in order to fulfill the organization’s intellectual visions.
The center holds advanced and comfortable training facilities in order to provide a suitable climate for knowledge and local community involvement expansion. The center consists of 3 floors, with public facilities like a kitchen, a nice outdoors area, and a specialized meeting hall for training with a capacity of 80 people. In addition, we provide a whole floor dedicated for overnight stay with 22 beds dispersed over 4 bedrooms, and a living room equipped with a television and other facilities for a comfortable stay. It is also worth mentioning that the center is equipped to contain people with disabilities.

The Center’s Message: supporting and expanding the progressive and humane culture, as well as the principles of human rights alongside focusing on women’s equal rights through either training and mobilization, coordination and making connections with organizations, or through performing several activities within the center concerning women’s, young women’s, children’s, and civil and local community issues in order to raise awareness and to mobilize in terms of said previous issues.