Political and social participation program for women

The program seeks to raise women’s awareness of their right to political participation and to assume leadership positions in their communities to improve the level of participation and representation in civil society institutions, parties and trade union frameworks.

This is in addition to the part that relies on intensive awareness of women’s rights provided by international laws, Human Rights Law and international conventions, such as the “CEDAW ” convention, through the holding of training courses and quality workshops, in addition to initiating initiatives for women and addressing the phenomena that arise in the Palestinian street that negatively affect the behaviors of

In order to achieve the second strategic goal of the Union, activating the political participation of women, and raising the level of accountability towards the protection of women and the realization of rights in the social, economic and political fields

Youth /young women capacity-building program:

The program aims to raise awareness among young women, especially in universities, and to raise awareness of their rights based on international law and Human Rights in various aspects.

On the practical level, the Federation continues to hold initiatives and campaigns that address their problems in light of intellectual decline and systematic policies to transform the concerns of young people under the penalty of urbanization in conjunction with the developments of social networking sites and their negative on the behavior of young people.

Women’s economic empowerment program:

The program is to strengthen the status and independence of women by entering the labor market in light of the challenges and facing poverty and the policy of starvation and kneeling by the occupation. It is based on the third strategic goal that seeks to economic empowerment of women in various governorates of the country

This applies in practice through the promotion of cooperative work through the formation of cooperatives and access to Palestinian local markets to counter the goods of the occupation settlements, and also to promote and preserve the Palestinian artisanal heritage, as part of the

culture and handicraft skills (soap making, embroideries and folk cuisine)

Psychological and Legal Support Program for women:

The program focuses on the psychological aspect of the fact that Palestinian women are under the influence of the occupation, in addition to involving the legal aspect through the use of the competent authorities, in an attempt to find radical solutions to the problems faced by women, including family problems such as divorce, women’s rights to inheritance, ensure that they are not subjected to violence and that they have full rights without gender-based discrimination

To achieve the fifth strategic goal, to facilitate access to protection from violence and psychological and legal assistance services for Palestinian women and families

Childhood programs:

The program targets the category of children, and work to refine their personality from a young age through kindergartens and nurseries, in addition to holding summer and quarterly camps with various programs, as well as forming dabkeh teams to preserve the Palestinian heritage and folk folklore and transfer it through generations

The program falls within the sixth strategic goal, which provides for the development of the children and early childhood program and the protection of children’s rights, in support of Palestinian women and families.

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