Who Are We?

Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees’ The Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees (UPWC) is a feminist, progressive, and civil grassroots organization. Established in 1980, it strives to build a progressive, democratic, and civil Palestinian society away from all forms of discrimination aiming to achieve justice for all.
UPWC struggles to empower Palestinian women and develop their circumstances to achieve real equity between men and women as well as equity among all social classes. Moreover, the Union fights to ensure positive affirmation of women within all the laws active in Palestine. The Union, on the other hand, considers itself part of the Palestinian national movement that struggles against the Israeli illegal occupation to achieve the national independence. UPWC, considering itself part of the universal progressive movement, works alongside with the international progressive movement against the militarization of globalization as well as against any form of discrimination imposed on any social sector (especially women) wherever it takes place.

UPWC strives to build a civil democratic progressive community free of all forms of discrimination and respects women’s rights as part of human rights in general

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