Conclusion of psychological support project in Ramallah Camps Refugee

The Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees concluded today a psychological support project targeting women from the camps of Amari, Jalazoun and Kadoura in Ramallah.

The UPWC organized 22 meetings for four groups of women, two of which were in Jalazoun, one in Amari camp and one in Qadoura, targeting total 43 women.

The topics presented by the psychologist of Renim Leddawieh covered for women on the importance of healthy nutrition for women in the age of safety and physical and hormonal changes that occur at this age and how to take care of themselves.

The topics of the meetings included psychological stress, violence and stress relief activities for women through expressive arts such as painting, yoga, relaxation, exercise and awareness in ways to reduce stress.

Special meetings were held for a group of students from the Jalazoun school about adolescence and early marriage and the importance of determining the general objectives of young women and how to choose the appropriate academic specialization for students’ tendencies and abilities.

The project targeted women in Ramallah refugee camps due to difficult livelihood of those women suffering from Israeli occupation violations, especially from the checkpoints that increases psycho-social stress,  along with the families of prisoners and martyrs, poverty and gender based violence.

The project aims to accomplish the fifth strategic goal of UPWC that aims to facilitate the access of Palestinian families and women to psychological and legal support, and protection from violence.

Mentioning that the subjects of these meetings were put based on a need assessment session with the targeted women.

The titles of these meetings were based on a study needed by participating women.

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