UPWC conclude training for wool workers for women from Hebron

As part of the promotion of the economic empowerment of women and the defense of their economic rights, the Federation of Palestinian Women’s Committees concluded on Thursday a training course for handicraft “Crochet” wool workers targeting a group of women in Hebron.

The course included the definition of the participants on the types of wool and how to use them and reading Batroun and implementation, in addition to the way to work a group of children’s clothing and the guards and shawls in practice, where the course lasted 3 months, 24 meetings.

The participating women produced a collection of kerchiefs and kerchiefs. An exhibition of these works will be organized at the beginning of the next winter.

The participating women expressed their interest in this session and their contribution to the possibility that their own projects would be economically viable and provided them with new experience

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