The award money went to purchase the tumbler, she said

He first realised the two boxes were missing on 23 November when he went to put some more items in them.Mr Kalsi said what had happened cast doubt on the bank’s security. He is urging everyone with safe deposit boxes held in High Street banks to check the contents.Cash for goldHe first started using the safe deposit boxes in October 2007 after accumulating pieces of 22 carat and 24 carat gold jewellery from relatives.He told BBC Asian Network: “We eventually decided to keep them in the bank vault, thinking it was going to be very safe.”He was given receipts for the items he deposited, of which the bank still has copies.The last recorded sighting of the valuables was in January 2009 when the branch introduced barcodes to record all the boxes held on site.Mr Kalsi said as there were no CCTV cameras behind the counter or in the vault, it was impossible to track who has had access to the boxes since this time last year.Banking industry representatives say security is normally very good in branches.Brian Capon from the British Bankers’ Association said: “It’s extremely rare for anything to go missing and, in 40 years of banking, I’ve heard of only a handful of cases and these usually turn out to be a case of misplacement rather than loss.”But Mr Kalsi believes the high price of gold has made it very attractive to opportunist thieves and blames the increase in television adverts, offering cash for gold.”Obviously these companies are not going to ask any questions or verify that it actually belongs to that person who is sending the gold in.”He says he is worried about how much the jewellery is worth simple necklace, but is more upset that the collection includes family heirlooms passed down from his and his wife’s grandparents.”All these people are not living any more. The gold has got sentimental value to such a high degree because it is irreplaceable.”NatWest is investigating the case and has said it will co operate with the police investigation.

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trinkets jewelry But even if you’re not spending gobs of money so your offspring can play Beer Pong, Athens is a nice destination.But if you’re headed down for a Bobcats football game, bringing your high schooler for a campus tour, or are just looking for a little weekend getaway, there’s plenty to do and see.My wife and I recently played tourists rather than parents of, and it was lovely. We stayed at the Ohio University Inn, which features a restaurant, pub and swimming pool (outside women jewelry, mind you). It’s pricier than the other hotel choices around town, but you cannot get any closer to campus.The second thing to know about Athens: It’s infinitely walkable.There is a walking biking trail that runs along the river next to campus and the OU golf course. trinkets jewelry

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bulk jewelry After learning how little glass is recycled in the Kenai Peninsula Borough and Alaska in general, she submitted the idea as a business to the annual Caring for the Kenai competition, which she went on to win.The award money went to purchase the tumbler, she said. At first, the family collected glass from the landfill transfer sites, but now some people bring their glass directly to the family, stocking them with bottles of all kinds. Even fractured beer bottles can turn out a nice, frosted amber color.a lot of alcohol bottles, Megan said with a laugh bulk jewelry.